2016 blog winners

Looking for sources of excellent news and analysis?  Check out this list of some of my websites and blogs.


Also check out the 2016 Fabulous 50 Blog Award Winners.  We can argue about the inclusion of a few of them on the list, but the majority of the award "Winners" are excellent.  And the "Biggest Losers" are very deserving of their awards!

Some of my personal favorites:

  • The Conservative Treehouse: AKA The Last Refuge, provides serious analysis of politics, policy, and polling. It on a daily basis, it reveals the true goals and workings of the Establishment “Uniparty” and names names. Truly excellent! Be sure to read the comments (sometimes VIPs join in, e.g. Sarah Palin).
  • Zero Hedge: Chock full of analysis, financial news, doom-and-gloom, and rip-roaring commentary ripped from the headlines on a near real-time basis. A website for the critical thinker – some articles are included just so the commentors can have fun making sport of them.
  • The Drudge Report: The go-to news source. It’s an “aggregator” website that provides easy to access articles from sources world-wide, many the main-stream media will never cover.
  • Breitbart: Conservative news and analysis.
  • Gateway Pundit: Conservative news and analysis.


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