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The next Supreme Court Justice may well determine the relevance of the Constitution in guarding our rights from the government.

Congress Town Halls Virginia

“Indivisible is a group of progressive activists who are showing up at Republican town halls across the country with the purpose of wreaking havoc”

 us customs and border protection inspect cars ask for documentation cwrxwh

Well this article sounds like “doom porn” – choc-full of dire warnings of doom-and-gloom & imminent zombie apocalypse.  But its true...

fat cat dollars

A whole lot of our money was given by Obama to organizations who are actively working to undermine our country.

shadow government

"Mark Levin outlined the known steps taken by President Barack Obama’s administration in its last months to undermine Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and, later, his new administration."

Obamas and jarrett

Obama’s new home is the nerve center of the Progressive’s mounting insurgency against his successor.

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