LTP Sept 2018

Summer break is behind us.  Critical Fall elections are ahead.  Its time to get cracking! 

Lynchburg Tea Party members and friends,

Thursday, September 6th is our LTP mtg.

Wow there is a lot happening!

A Short List of Agenda Topics:

  • Catching up on the Deep State's continuing efforts to remove President Trump, put us back in our place, and return to power.  Their "Russian collusion" scheme is failing and they know it.  They are shifting to new false narratives and the level of propaganda is unbelievable!  We will cover the latest news about this historic systemic corruption.
    Elections.  We will hear from the campaigns and special guests about their plans through to election day.  The Lynchburg Area Young Republicans will share the impressive work they are doing to support the campaigns, get out the vote, as well as upcoming events and opportunities to get involved all around our area.

Each and every one of us can help get Ben Cline, Denver Riggleman, and Corey Stewart elected.  By the end of this meeting, you will know about multiple opportunities to do your part.

We'll spend a few minutes on NAFTA too.  If you've been attending LTP meetings, you are part of the rare group of people who knew many months ago that Trump was working to fulfill his campaign promise to deal with the economy crusher that is NAFTA.  He is fulfilling his promise.  Lots of details will come out in the days ahead. 

See you Thursday, Sept. 6th.

LTP President