Culture Wars


Shariah law is utterly incompatible with the US Constitution. Why was Islam being pushed – and welcomed -- at January Women’s March? Learn these 10 ways Islam is incompatible with the Constitution and Liberty and then pass them on!

night sheep flock

We are sheep to be scammed of our money!  Professional scammers use fake organizations and topics near and dear to our earnest hearts to entice us to give them money.

Learn how to avoid being prey.


Progressives have abandoned reason.  Is America to be ruled by emotion?

2016 blog winners

Looking for sources of excellent news and analysis?  Check out this list of some of my websites and blogs.


Also check out the 2016 Fabulous 50 Blog Award Winners.  We can argue about the inclusion of a few of them on the list, but the majority of the award "Winners" are excellent.  And the "Biggest Losers" are very deserving of their awards!

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