Progressives have abandoned reason.  Is America to be ruled by emotion?

The Progressive Left’s unhinged meltdown after loosing the election and Trump’s inauguration is on-going. We need to do a much better job finding ways to communicate to everyone – rational and emotional-based thinkers alike – the benefits of liberty and self-governance.


The Left's Emotion Versus the Right's Reason

“Conservatives have long held respect for our nation's Founders.  While our values closely mirror those of our Founding Fathers – self-governance, natural rights, (historic) liberalism, and the free exchange of commerce and ideas, what is most respected (according to this author) is the use of "reason" to advance the tenets set forth in establishing our new nation.


Sadly, we appear to have entered a new time – a time of emotion.

The progressive left have abandoned reason.  They are determined to have America ruled by emotion.

Nothing symbolizes this new era more than the attempts by the left to quash free speech.  Their insistence on accepting only thought that comports with their viewpoint is bordering on apoplectic. The media, celebrities, the NFL, academia, congressional Democrats, radical protest groups (but I repeat myself) have formed a storm front against opposing viewpoints.     

Their use of inflammatory adjectives (racist, bigot, sexist, homophobe, Islamophobe, Nazi, fascist, etc.) to describe their opponents is nothing but an attempt to shut down debate (reason).


Under this environment, finding common ground will be difficult, if not impossible.  How can common ground be found, when one party (conservatives) are unable to use reason to make their case?

Make no mistake: what the left fears most is not that conservative ideas will fail, but that they'll succeed.  They can't abide the thought that liberty and self-determination might supplant the nanny state and centralized control.

For our part, we must continue to debate big ideas and, under a Trump presidency, continue to advance our principles.  We must, though, at the same time, do a better job of mapping said principles to benefits in service to the American people.  Republicans have historically done a poor job of this.”