night sheep flock

We are sheep to be scammed of our money!  Professional scammers use fake organizations and topics near and dear to our earnest hearts to entice us to give them money.

Learn how to avoid being prey.

Read the article below from an ex-professional scammer. Don’t be a sheep that falls prey to these wolves!

You’ve received emails like “Save the Second Amendment -- donate now before it’s too late!”, or “Sign this petition to stop this Bill!!”, or “Join the God-inspired Constitutional Conscience Party!” A recent email claimed to be able to prevent the Dems from derailing Gorsuch’s confirmation to the Supreme Court if I would only give them money.

Research organizations very carefully! The lying, thieving scammers will take your money and sell your contact information. Heed the warning signs:

  • New organization with no track record. How can they do what they claim?
  • An internet search reveals no or little information about the organization.
  • Website with little information about staff, history of success, and financial information.
  • If you have any doubts, don’t take the bait.

Read the following chilling article from an ex-professional scammer. Don’t be a sheep!

How We Killed the Tea Party

“Greedy super PACs drained the [Tea Party] movement with endless pleas for money to support “conservative” candidates—while instead using the money to enrich themselves. I should know. I worked for one of them.” By Paul H. Jossey