Which Agencies need to evict their alligators first?  So many choices....  An entertaining and enlightening look at the swamp draining work ahead for President Trump comes from the website “HillaryIs44.org”.

illegal protests

Many are screaming that Trump has already reniged on his promise to deal with "Dreamers" (children of illegal aliens) under Obama’s DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program. 

PATIENCE!!  We must understand that the Democrats / Leftists are salivating over the Dreamer issue and very much want Trump to act ASAP.

Iran missile

What’s in Obama/Kerry’s Iran nuclear deal with all its unpublished side agreements and secret pledges?

trump president

A very busy first week for President Trump. I am dizzy with all this winning!  A short list of this week's actions:

  • Met with top manufactures and labor unions -- make goods in America, using American workers.
  • Meetings/phone calls: Theresa May (Britain) and Vladimir Putin (Russia).
  • Executive orders galore:

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