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UPDATE - The vampire bat that is Medicaid Expansion.

UPDATE:  April 18, 2018

Our House of Delegates just passed their budget bill with Medicaid expansion

67 voted for expansion and 32 voted no.  A grim picture.  We are reaping the results of the November election rout.  Low optimism of avoiding this rolling fiscal disaster.



It now goes to the Senate and it appears Senator Emmett Hanger will be the deciding vote.  Please contact him and ask him to vote NO to Medcaid expansion!

Senators Mark Peak and Steve Newman voted against Medicaid expansion previously.  Ask them to hold firm and vote NO!  



Delegates in our area who voted with Democrats to expand Medicaid.  Please tell them what you think.

Delegates in our area who voted against Medicaid expansion.  THANK YOU!  Please call / email and thank them.

  • Ben Cline, 24th District (Bath, Rockbridge, and parts of Amherst and Augusta counties, Buena Vista and Lexington), (434) 946-9908,
  • Matt Fariss, 59th District (Appomattox, Buckingham, and parts of Albemarle, Campbell, and Nelson counties), (434) 821-5929,
  • Kathy Byron, 22nd District (parts of Bedford, Campbell, and Franklin counties, and part of Lynchburg), (434) 582-1592,


Thank you Senator Mark Peake and Delegate Matt Fariss for speaking at April's LTP meeting about Medicaid expansion.  It was quite enlightening.  Pray the Senate rejects it and votes NO!



VA's buget is stuck.  Its needlessly all tangled up with the effort by Progresses to impose Medicaid Expansion upon us.  The same Medicaid Expansion that has neearly bankrupt many of the States who have adopted it.

No Governor Northam, any attempt to adopt Medicaid expansion needs to be done separately from a budget bill.  It needs to be separate legislation.  If it can't make it through on its own, that means we don't want it.  Not that you care what we want....

Richmond Times-Dispatch (March 21, 2018) "Gov. Ralph Northam introduced a new state budget proposal Wednesday that includes Medicaid expansion and proposes a slightly different approach to spending that could shape the debate when lawmakers return for an April 11 special session.

At a news conference in Richmond, Northam said his budget — built around “clean” Medicaid expansion — was virtually identical to the one former Gov. Terry McAuliffe proposed in December, with one important change. The governor said he’ll add an amendment dictating that any revenues the state takes in beyond its budget forecast will be stored away in reserves, not spent."

The State Senate is holding the line against Medicaid Expansion.  Thank you Senators Peake and Newman!

The House is the problem as many Republicans revealed their Progressive core.  Check out whether your Delegate voted with Progressive Democrats to push Medicaid expansion down our throats.

Republican Delegates voting with Progressive Democrats