Why is Trump picking on China?

Lots of people have been asking me why Trump is going after China so hard. It takes an understanding of how our jobs and businesses have been affected by globalism. I dug up this documentary that will give you a jump-start to understanding the reality of the pit we are in. Death By China: How America Lost Its Manufacturing Base Not many really understand because the devastation on our country by NAFTA, China, etc., is not something the multi-national “Chamber of Commerce” types want you to know. If you did, you would strongly support what POTUS is doing! Watching this will help you realize the Potemkin Village that has been constructed for you to live in. It’s false. We have been sold out. Wake up. Lastly, to my libertarian-minded friends who scream how “free trade” is true freedom. It’s a lovely and idealistic idea, but sadly like all concepts of utopia, it has no basis in the real world. By the way, the documentary is Peter Navarro who Trump just appointed as National Trade Advisor.