fat cat dollars

Appomattox County Supervisors did just that!

News&Advance - June 20, 2017. “Appomattox County supervisors voted to increase supervisors’ salaries by $2,500 in a 3-2 vote this week that was not on Monday’s meeting agenda and instead added at the request of Falling River Supervisor Chad Millner at the beginning of the meeting.”

“The decision brought each supervisor’s annual salary up from $4,800 to $7,300. The raise takes effect January 1, 2018. There were no residents at the meeting who spoke for or against the change.”

The School Board will vote to raise their salary to match the Supervisor’s, so this raise really is for ten people not five.

No public hearing. No forewarning to the public that this pay raise would be on the agenda. Middle of the summer when few attend Board of Supervisor meetings. Hmmm….

Wonder how they intend to pay for their raise??? (taxes, of course).

Read the article. It’s not the money, per se. It’s their arrogance.