Congress Town Halls Virginia

“Indivisible is a group of progressive activists who are showing up at Republican town halls across the country with the purpose of wreaking havoc”

“Indivisible gives its progressive followers nationwide a “practical guide for resisting the Trump agenda.”

Turns out the authors of the “Indivisible Guide” are former Dem staffers and they based it on successful strategies used in the Tea Party movement. Caulk that up to “imitation is a sincere form of flattery”.

The guide “It takes aim at Congressional members, urging activists to go to local town halls to demand their representatives listen to them, and report out if the member doesn’t. The guide tells the activists to spread out in the room, and to not give up the microphone until they’re satisfied with the answer.”

Our own legislators are getting the treatment at recent town halls and events. More later on how this could impact upcoming local town halls.

Dave Bratt said “What I’m worried about is that the mainstream press can’t Google ‘Indivisible‘ and the Soros-funded movement that is pushing all of this…”.

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