fat cat dollars

A whole lot of our money was given by Obama to organizations who are actively working to undermine our country.

Obama used our money as a giant slush fund to support his pet projects and feed his friends (i.e., swamp dwellers).  Drain the swamp!

 DOJ Investigators Find Out That Obama Used Our Tax Money to Fund Far Left Organizations.

GOP wants to eliminate shadowy DOJ slush fund bankrolling leftist groups

Why is the Left suddenly and ferociously attacking Attorney General Jeff Sessions? Always “follow the money” because it reveals motivations behind actions. Sessions will stop the gushing money slush fund that feeds the Left’s alligators and other bottom-feeding swamp dwellers. Terrified that Sessions will successfully drain the swamp, the swamp creatures go on the attack.

Jeff Sessions!! Drain the swamp!!

Who knows what the coming years will reveal about the magnitude and extent of the fraud and down-right theft of the Obama administration. Let that be remembered as his final legacy.