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Many are screaming that Trump has already reniged on his promise to deal with "Dreamers" (children of illegal aliens) under Obama’s DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program. 

PATIENCE!!  We must understand that the Democrats / Leftists are salivating over the Dreamer issue and very much want Trump to act ASAP.

Its only been a week. We must be smart!  We must see the larger picture.  Why do they want it so??  Its such an emotionally-charged issue -- it will galanize the Dems and their base, and provide them with endless opportunities for protest (and fundraising).

The Dems are in shambles right now.  Lets not take their bait and give them a hot-button issue that will reconstitute their base.  Dreamers and other illegal aliens will be dealt with soon enough.

The article below is well worth your time to read.  Excellent, smart analysis from The Conservative Treehouse (AKA The Last Refugee).

Below are excepts, but better to read the whole article.

There are multiple voices raising concern about President Trump not taking immediate Executive Action to reverse former President Obama’s DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program.  To those voices this message is intended.

Now is not the time to address DACA.  The UniParty and the UniParty friendly media are trying to bait President Trump into jumping into a politically charged issue they will use to slow, if not destroy, the larger agenda.


Trump supporters want to see the DACA executive order overturned, and it is not my intention to dispute the argument it should be because I too agree it should be overturned.  However, now is not the time….


Nothing would unite the various far-left activist groups more quickly than for President Trump to immediately reverse the DACA executive order.   This is where prudent thought needs to be applied, and as annoying as it is – politics need to be considered.

If Trump were to take action now to remove DACA, not only would it provide the fuel to energize the opposition to his administration, he would also find few defenders within the Republican congress for immediacy in action.


The scope of the political use of DACA as a weaponized narrative to undermine President Trump would be as immediate as CNN, MSNBC, FOX and the alphabets fully engaged, and Wall Street financed, gaslighting.  All of it fueled by a useful narrative to destroy the Trump agenda.


Mexico would be empowered with “hateful Trump” leverage in any NAFTA discussion. The southern border and protective wall?… would be more fuel in a created narrative of Trump dragging babies out of their crying mothers arms to throw them over the Rio Grande.

No, this is not winning.  This is the opposite of winning.  This is giving your enemy exactly what they need to create a hateful optic and a spin a usefully false narrative to diminish President Trump.


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