Welcome to The Lynchburg Tea Party

We, the Patriots of the Lynchburg Tea Party, being compelled by events and in attention to our Duty as Free Citizens, or the purpose of ordering our combined efforts in these Noble struggles to ensure Respect for the Life, Property and Liberty of all Men; and seeking only Just Government restrained by a Sincere faithfulness to the Original Constitution and Principles of the Declaration, and with an Eternal Reliance on Our Creator, the Sole Author of all Rights of Men, do now set forth these Principles that all Mankind shall know for what we stand:


The LTP exists to actively promote its Principles, by any and all legal means, through the dissemination, education and advocacy of those principles, and by support for all like-minded individuals and groups seeking to organize for and work on behalf of the cause of Liberty.


Our Principles

1. Constitutionally limited government
2. Freedom to Pursue Prosperity through unhindered Markets
3. Liberty tempered by Virtue